Taco Bell is one of the largest fast food brands in the United States of America and all over the world. The Company has offered tellthebell survey at (www.tellthebell.com). Take Tell The Bell Survey at tellthebell.com and win $500 cash prize.

Taco is one of the Best traditional Mexican Dish. Are you a Taco Food Lover? Yes! Then you should visit the Taco Bell restaurant to enjoy your favorite dish. Taco Bell is providing a platform (Tellthebell Survey), where you can share your visiting experience with the Company.


TellTheBell Survey at (www.tellthebell.com)

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Here I provide you with a complete and very simple Taco Bell survey Guide. Not only that, I’ll provide all the information you’re going to need to perform Tellthebell survey.

Before you start your survey, you need to consider some prerequisites and you need to follow some rules in order to complete Tell The Bell survey and finally, you would able to complete your survey.

Tell The Bell Survey

Tell The Bell Survey focuses on

  • Basically, tellthebell customer survey is all about customer satisfaction.
  • Quality of food
  • Freshness and taste of the Taco dishes.
  • Garnishing of the taco dish.
  • Cleanliness of the restaurant.
  • The behavior of the waiters and the management staff.
  • Location of the restaurant
  • How often you visit the restaurant.
  • Would you recommend your friends and family you visit the Taco Bell Restaurant?

Prerequisites: You Need To Compete Tellthebell Customer Survey

Tacobell Survey

  • In order to complete the survey, you need to have fulfilled some requirements as follows:
  • The 1st thing you require is to have the survey receipt with 16-digit survey code on it.
  • 2nd you need to have some internet device to visit the survey website at www.tellthebell.com.
  • 3rd you should be able to understand English or Spanish languages.
  • 4th and the final thing you need have a valid residency in the United States or District of Columbia.

Rules: You Are Require To Follow To Complete Taco Bell Survey At (Tellthebell.com)

Tellthebell survey

  • 1st Rule, you must be an adult (18 years old).
  • 2nd Rule, you must have a Valid residency in the United States or the District of Columbia as discussed above.
  • 3rd Rule, you need to know in which entry period you going to perform the survey.
  • Because one survey receipt is only valid for one entry period.
  • If you’re trying to participate in another survey entry period, you need to visit the Taco Bell Restaurant again and but a new survey receipt.
  • Next Rule, the working staff (management staff and Waiters) cannot take part in the survey.
  • We have discussed some important rules here, for more rules information click here.

Two Methods to Complete Tellthebell Customer Survey


  • The First method is to perform the survey online using survey website at tellthebell.com.
  • The second method is to perform the survey using the mail method.

If you want to perform the online survey at tellthebell.com,  you need to have the survey receipt. You can get this survey receipt from the restaurant.

if you do not have the survey receipt even then you can still perform the survey using their mail option.

  • Write a mail on white A4 size paper, share your visiting experience at the restaurant.
  • Provide all the details about the Store No, Date and Time you visited the restaurant.
  • In the end, also provide your contact information, your mailing address and your phone no in order to contact you.
  • Now Put your mail in an envelop write the recipient address and post it.

A Quick Guide To Perform Tellthebell Customer Survey At (Tellthebell.com)

Tellthebell survey

Detailed Guidance On Taco Bell Survey At (Www.Tellthebell.Com)

In the step by step guide, we’ll discuss each and every single step you need to perform in order to complete the survey at tellthebell.com

Step No 1: Visit the official www.tellthebell.com survey website.

Step No 2: If you have the 16-digit survey code on your receipt, enter the survey code and press continue to move to the next step.

Next Step: If you don’t have the survey code, no your receipt provide the Store Number, Date and  Time of your visit from the receipt and continue to the next step.

About Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American based chain of fast food restaurant which was founded on March 21, 1962, by Glen Bell. The headquarters of Taco Bell Inc. is located at 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine; California.

Taco Bell has around 7000 location currently all across the United States of America and the number of employees working for Taco Bell Inc. is over 175,000. The famous menu items of Taco Bell include super tasty Tacos, burritos, and other Tex-Mex cuisine-related fast food items.

Taco Bell Contact Information

tellthebell.com customer survey
Taco Bell Headquarters Address: 1 Glen Bell Way Irvine, CA 92618
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-949-863-4500 – [Tell The Bell Complaint Center]
Taco bell customer service please call 1-800-822-6235 (U.S) [taco bell store number]

TellTheBell Winners

Tell The Bell $500 Winners
Tell The Bell: First Entry Period – Tammy D, NY
Tellthebell Customer Survey: Second Entry Period – Margaret D, IL
Tellthebell Customer Survey: Third Entry Period – Jerry D, MI
Tellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey: Fourth Entry Period – Maggie M, FL
Tellthebell Customer Survey Fifth Entry Period – Erica G, WV
Tellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey: Sixth Entry Period – Terry R, CA
Tellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey: Seventh Entry Period – Tina S, PA
TTellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey: Tell the bell Eighth Entry Period – Deborah W, IN
Taco Bell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Ninth Entry Period – Ben B, OK
Taco Bell Survey: Tenth Entry Period – Amber F, GA
Taco Bell Survey: Eleventh Entry Period – Carl H, IN
Taco Bell Survey: Twelveth Entry Period – Donna P, FL
TellTheBell: Thirteenth Entry Period – Catherine C, NY
TellTheBell Survey: Fourteenth Entry Period – Nancy C, MI
TellTheBell Survey: Fifteenth Entry Period – Charles K, KY
TellTheBell Survey: Sixteenth Entry Period – Cory S, MO
TellTheBell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Seventeenth Entry Period – Brady B, CA
Taco Bell Survey: Eighteenth Entry Period – Orrett D, NY
Taco Bell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Nineteenth Entry Period – Frank O, MO
Tell the bell Twentieth Entry Period – Amanda R, TN
Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Twenty-one Entry Period – Cristy R, KY
TellTheBell: Twenty-two Entry Period – Sarah H, IN
Tell the bell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Twenty-three Entry Period – Michael M, WI
Tellthebell Twenty-four Entry Period – Caroline L, CO
Tell the bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Twenty-five Entry Period – Minjung C, GA
Taco Bell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Twenty-six Entry Period – Stephanie H, PA
Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Twenty-seven Entry Period – Melody P, TX
Tell the bell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Twenty-Eight Entry Period – Stuart S, CA
Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Twenty-Nine Entry Period – Erin B, CO
Tell the bell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Thirty Entry Period – Kaleb C, AR
Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Thirty-one Entry Period – Shelley M, IA
Tell the bell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Thirty-two Entry Period – Christie Y, MO
tellthebell.com customer survey: Thirty-three Entry Period – Jeremy B, MN
www.tellthebell.com: Thirty-four Entry Period – Alec F, NV
tellthebell.com customer survey: Thirty-five Entry Period – Lauren M, MA
Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Thirty-six Entry Period – Clarence M, NC
Tell The Bell: Thirty-Eighth Entry Period – Jeffrey D, HI
Tellthebell Thirty-Ninth Entry Period – Steve B, KS
Tell the bell Survey (www.tellthebell.com): Forty Entry Period – Harley M, IN
Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Forty-one Entry Period – Andrew N, TX
Ttellthebell.com customer survey: Forty-Two Entry Period – Brenda D, OH
tellthebell.com customer survey Forty-Three Entry Period – Ulia C, OH
Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Forty-Fourth Entry Period – Jill H, NY
tellthebell.com customer survey: Forty-Fifth Entry Period – Sherrie W, NV
Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Forty-Sixth Entry Period – Debra K, OR
tellthebell.com customer survey: Forty-Seventh Entry Period – Randall R, IN
Taco Bell Survey: Forty-Eighth Entry Period – Kim M, MN
Tell the bell Forty-Ninth Entry Period – Atheshia H, VA
Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com): Fiftieth Entry Period – Emily S, OH


I hope you like my post about Tell The Bell Survey(www.tellthebell.com). The Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey has been composed in order to collect customer feedback. Users can enter and perform Tell The Bell Survey.

Taco Bell Survey available at www.tellthebell.com and win a cash prize of $500. If you have any query related to telling the bell sweepstakes survey then let me know or go to their official website www.tellthebell.com for more information or contact me I will guide u in the right direction.


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