Educational Computer Games For Kids

Computers can be great learning tools for kids. There are many excellent educational software programs available for kids which can make learning fun. As a parent, you should monitor how much time your child is spending on computer. Too much time spent on the PC can strain the child’s eyes. It can also cause other problems like the child preferring to stay alone and avoid intermingling with other people.

For this reason you have to strike a balance. Let the child spend a couple of hours everyday on the PC but also get him involved in other activities like outdoor games, socializing with friends, spending time with family members, reading books etc. This is important for an all-round development of the child.

And when you allow the children to spend a few hours on the computer, you should be monitoring what they do. Do not allow them to waste time. Rather, you should encourage them to spend their time on useful activities like learning something new etc. Of course you can allow them some time for enjoyment and playing games, but most of their time on computer should be spent in useful activities.

As kids are mostly fond of games, many educational software creators are now creating educational programs in the form of games. These games are meant to entertain as well as educate the kids. There are dozens of such useful games available in the market. Some of the game creators have trial versions of the games which allow you to test the game before buying the full version.

If you are looking for good educational software or games for kids, I recommend you do a Google search. You can specify what kind of educational program you are looking for – like history educational games or maths programs for kids etc. The more specific your search is the better results Google can deliver you. Below I list a few educational programs to get you started. You can find more by doing a search yourself.

1. Brainiversity – This educational game can help train the kids in maths, memory and language skills. The game has 16 different activities, and you can adjust the difficulty levels so that kids of all ages can enjoy it. Younger kids can play at less difficult levels while older kids can increase the difficulty level so that they can get the most out of the game.

2. Reader Rabbit – This is one of the best games if you want to develop reading habit in your kids. It is so much fun that children are likely to keep on playing the game until you stop them.

3. Human Body Explorer – This is a very interesting game which will familiarize the kids with the different parts of the human body. They will learn not only the names of all body parts but will also learn about their functions.

4. Math Missions – This maths educational game features innovative activities which include working with patterns, weighing and measuring, sorting etc. It is an excellent game which can make the young children fall in love with maths subject.